Initially, my two eldest daughters Lauren and Nina got me into the bug of horses when they took up riding on their ponies. I later went on to purchase my own horse and started having regular Riding lessons. Within this time I soon realised that I wanted nothing more than to work within the Equine Industry. Has a mature student I went on to gain my Level 1 in BHS Horse Care and Riding.

In 2015 my family and I purchased the land were TFEC now stands. After Immense hard work and a family’s sheer determination TFEC opened for trade in October 2017.

My role in running TFEC keeps me very, very busy. I am also currently studying a retail course along with other numerous courses which will enable me to offer services and products in our soon to come Equestrian and Country Supplies Store.

When I do get time out I love to ride - I’m not going to lie I’m no top class Event Rider and not has brave as my daughters! But even so still love being in the saddle and doing my own thing. I also love to take my daughters out competing and watch the excitement, enjoyment and pride on their faces.

TFEC has lots of exciting future projects in line and I am super excited seeing it all come together.

I am forever grateful for every waking day I spend doing something I love - Follow your dreams! 


Hi, I’m Nina and from a very young age, I have loved nothing more than horses and riding.

At the age of eight, I was very fortunate to own my very first jumping machine pony ‘Rosie’ - When Rosie semi-retired I progressed onto my IDxTB True Juniper. We spent many special years together and I will always be forever thankful to my beautiful girls for everything they taught me.

After leaving school I went on to study at Askham Bryan College, gaining my Level 3 Diploma in Horse Management along with BHS Level 1 and BHS Level 2 in Horse Care and Riding.

In 2015 my family and I purchased the land were TFEC now stands. Whilst True Fate was undergoing construction I went on to work alongside Richard Fahey and achieved my level 3 Diploma in Racehorse Care and Management.

I am continuing to climb the ladder with my BHS qualifications, achieving Stage Two Complete Horsemanship and now preparing for my Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship.

TFEC keeps me very busy -  I especially love teaching all levels of Riders from complete beginners to the more advanced Rider. It is so rewarding to see a Rider’s progression, no matter how big or small.

In my spare time, I love to go out Show Jumping, X Country, Hunting and spending time with George and our dogs. I’m extremely lucky to be able to ride various horses that we own but miss my two beautiful girls terribly! For this reason, I am currently on the lookout for my next Event horse and best friend, which I hope to get out competing with when the season can start up again.

My yearling ‘Fate’ keeps me super busy and entertained, she is growing up into a stunner with a big attitude. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Fate and I, my new best friend and TFEC!


Hi, I’m Nyah and being born into a horsey family I may as well have been born in a stable. I’ve been riding from being a very young age and have years of experience with horses.

During my final years at school, my family and I began to build our establishment (TFEC)

I have currently achieved my L3 Diploma in work - based Horse Care and Management along with  BHS Level 1 in Horse Care and Riding and The Society Of Master Saddlers Introductory to saddle fitting course.

Helping out with the running of TFEC keeps me very busy but when I do get time out I love nothing more than spending time with my Coloured Cob ‘Pump’ Show Jumping, X Country and Hunting – My boy is one in a million! I also love to spend time and ride my Rescue TB Nala, it is very rewarding to see how she is progressing and starting to enjoy being a horse again.

I am currently working towards my BHS/Saddle Fitting/Nutrition examinations which will enable me to gain my BHS Coach qualification and offer my services at our soon to come Equestrian and Country Supplies store.


Hi, My name is Bella and being born into a horsey family is a lot of fun. I love all Sports especially Football and Horse Riding.

My sisters learnt me to ride on my first pony Moonlight and I now ride my pony Squidge, he’s amazing. We have lots of fun together doing Dressage and we both love to jump, although we have to take it steady as he is only five.

After school and on the weekends ( after football ) I help out with all the horses and walk my dog, Ellie. I would like to become a professional footballer but also still enjoy my horses, dog and riding.


With four daughters and a wife all keen equine enthusiasts, I didn’t have much choice than to become part of the Equestrian World. In their words “You know where the door is, horses come first”

My job and knowledge as a Senior Project Manager have enabled me to manage, design and build TFEC.

In my spare time, my passions are football, supporting ‘Manchester United’ and Horse Racing. I also support my daughter ‘Bella’ at all her football matches.

My wife and daughters constantly try to encourage me to have a go riding but after the last time – NEVER again!


Hi, I'm Becky and having a horsey mum means I caught the horse bug before I could walk! I have over 10 years experience working in the equine industry, and so far have achieved my NVQ Level 2 and Level 3 in Horse Care and Management. I also have experience as an instructor, and was a junior Pony Club instructor in my previous job. 

At TFEC, my job role as a groom and instructor means I get to spend my time hands on with the livery and riding school horses, getting to know them and keeping them happy and healthy. 

I am currently working towards passing my BHS exams and growing my experience as a rider and instructor as part of the amazing team at TFEC



Our family have a great working partnership and pride themselves on their dedication, professional approach and their love of horses. Here at True Fate Equestrian Centre our mission is to become a BHS Highly Commended Training/Competition/Riding Venue, where we will always strive for excellence and be extremely successful in being up there with the VERY BEST!

Our Centre is dedicated to the special memory of our two beautiful girls Rosie and True Juniper -
whose spirits now run free together.

A love of a horse is like no other.